čtvrtek 5. června 2008

Doha - Qatar

Dear all readers:)

this is Petula MCP of Qatar or still current MC Communication in CR (but I think Lenca is handling everything well)

So let me share few thing about Doha. If you don’t know it Qatar is a country in the Gulf. The weather in Doha is now around 44°C and the humidity is really high during summer can be more then 80.
Doha is capital city of Qatar and 80% of population is living here. Also 80% of inhabitants are not Qatari. The official language is Arabic but everybody but really everybody can speak English. The thing is even though the foreigner are from Arabic countries Arabic is not same and they have different dialect so they wont understand each other properly.

About my experience I am here currently with previous MCP receiving transition, still waiting if other foreign will come and when. I have here Maha – my part time MC member she is local which might really help AIESEC Qatar.

I will go soon shopping and by my first Abaya, so I will update you how it fits to meJ Take care and looking forward other articles. Anyway if you would like to read more about my experience visit pettka.blogspot.com I will try to make different post to each blog so you will know more about this wonderful country.

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Bárbara řekl(a)...

hey girls! great idea to have the shared blog :)

I'm adding your link to my favorites, so I can be updated of your experiences :)

all the best!!

mojco řekl(a)...

You should add Lukas in JAR :)

mojco řekl(a)...

Hey "Češi v akci"

i would like to arrange meeting of all czach people abroad in IC. We have idea to meet during dinner 24th, sunday. We would like to discuss potential cooperation with you (you know situation in your new country and also in Czech rep, so please prepare some ideas for posoble cooperation) and then of course...it will be awesome and legendary social time together...so many czech aiesecers - we have to enjoy that! do you agree with proposed date and time? Sunday 24th common dinner and then continue during social agenda